Working groups

The working groups will expand on some themes tackled in the plenaries.

For each working group, the description exists only in French.

The restructuring of the Educative State and the diverse forms of a search for the Third Way between State and market, equality and performance, etc. (PDF)

Education, a dialogue between policy-makers and social sciences (PDF)

The post-comprehensive school in Europe : what is at stake ? (PDF)

Beyond criticism : a relaunching of utopias ? (PDF)

-Globalisation and comparatism in education (PDF)

-School autonomy, territorial policies and leadership in education in Europe (PDF)

-Effects of the quality devices on the establishments and the teaching jobs (PDF)

Discussions around the lifelong learning (PDF)

Truth discourses in competition : the consequences for education and research (PDF)

Transformation of the teaching profession (PDF)

Publications : how can reflexive and critical research make itself disseminated in the European and international space ? (PDF)

-New research in the field of social sciences and educational and training policies (PDF)